A tribute to Adam Bronisław Ciechanski

in the 50 years anniversary of his death 17th of May 1957


Adam Bronisław Ciechanski was born in 1882, December 8th in Sulmierzyce (Poznan District). He studied double bass among other things with F.Warnecke in Hamburg. His orchestra career included a philharmonic and opera groups in Koeln, Moskow, Riga, St.Petersburg and Poznań. Prof. Adam Bronisław Ciechanski took the double bass and tuba classes as teacher in Poznań Conservatory in 1920. He was also proposed to work as double bass professor in High Music School in Wrocław where he continued his work for 3 years (1955-57). His amazing enthusiasm and adoration for his instrument brougth about writing many pieces for double bass. Stefan Bolesław Poradowski, Tadeusz Kassern and Walerian Gniot those were the composers who found the inspiration in double bass that time. S. B. Poradowski wrote "Concerto for Double Bass" in 1929 and that achivement is connected with one anecdote written by Mr. Zdzisław Marczynski : " Poradowski having finished his work on the Concerto came to Prof. Ciechanski's home to announce him that great news. That was the time when Mr. Ciechański caught the cold seriously. Taking score, Poradowski visited his friend. Mr. Ciechanski was lying in bed and moaning but after listening the news, Professor suddenly recovered. He called his wife to give him cloths and took his friend-composer and others to celebrate uprising new concerto." S. B. Poradowski said in his written memories: "So many nights and days we spent together. Professor played for me hard and beautiful pieces. Today that is not a secret that it was the inspiration for me to write some works for " His" instrument- Double Bass".
Prof. Ciechański was faithful, full of energy and worshiping a Double Bass. He used always say: "Do you want to be happy? Play Double Bass!". Many of his graduates was famous and distinguished teachers in Poland: Józef Eichstaedt, Wiktor Gadzinski (graduated from school before the 2nd World War started), moreover Zdzislaw Marczynski, Joachim Marczynski, Tadeusz Ziemski and Lucjan Malec.
Professor "Adam Bronisław Ciechanski" used to be also called facetiously " Don Quixote with Double Bass " because of his charisma, humor and professionalism. He renewed Double Bass faculty in Poland after so politically hard time for Polish.

Excerpts from the lecture:
" A.B. Ciechanski in memoriam" December, 8th 2002
prepared by Natalia Maria Radzik based on works :
"My adventure with Double-Bass" - Zdzisław Marczynski
"Notes about A.B.Ciechanski"- Edward Krysta
corrected by Irena Olkiewicz

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